Health & Safety

General Health & Safety


We check that all the children are wearing the correct footwear for the grass/astro/indoor surface.
During the indoor futsal season we only allow astro turf trainers, futsal trainer or normal trainers. NO football boots with rubber or metal studs are allowed inside. Players without appropriate footwear will not be permitted to train for their own safety.

Viewing Area:

Whilst we permit parents to watch, all must be seated on a bench and not obstructing the playing area of children. All benches are placed on one side of the hall to prevent any injuries or accidents.


Players must not wear any jewellery of any kind (earrings, rings etc.) must be taken off prior to the session commencing.


Any long hair must be tied back, away from the eyes so that it doesn’t impair the player’s vision. Hats are permitted to help players’ in sunny conditions.

Medical Conditions:

If a child suffers from any medical conditions such as asthma, nut allergies etc, please make coaches and head coaches are fully aware of it.

Other Information:

Our academies operates a strict no smoking policy on site, for health and safety reasons. There is no eating whilst during our academy training sessions, but before or after a session we allow small snacks (fruit, yoghurts etc) to be consumed by players. These may help improve a player’s performance/ recovery.

Safe Guarding Policy:

You can view or download the Safe Guarding Policy