It's all about Futsal at Players First

Players First's aim is to teach local Futsal to enhance technique and create good football and Futsal players. Many great footballers started playing for futsal teams, increasing their agility and decision-making.

Apart from having our own Futsal teams, we regularly play in local Futsal competitions, hopefully increasing our scope to international Futsal.

In 2015 our U10 won the local Futsal cup at the Futsal league in High Wycombe. We have plans to become Futsal champions all over again next year.

Futsal has the advantage to be played in a hall, making both summer Futsal and winter Futsal reliable throughout the season.

Our three Futsal centers are drawing talents in both the Futsal and football arena.

Come and give the Brazilian Futsal a try, so you, like Neymar, can say one day: "My Futsal background made me the player I am today!"