I think the Players First futsal program is instrumental to the development of technical footballers. Within my role as head coach England and Middlesex CoE U9s I have seen the positive impact ball manipulation sessions that use futsal techniques have had on the players. Futsal is fast paced which increases decision making as well as Fun and every young person should have a chance to take part



      Manisha Taylor, England and Middlesex County FA Coach, FA Tutor, Educator of ‘Show Racism the Red Card’, Sky TV presenter


I have been taking my son to Colin Brown at Players First on a regular basis for the past 18 months. When I first brought him, he was a technical player, but had a lot of areas to work on physically to get him ready to compete for an Academy place. He has been attending the weekly Friday sessions which have developed him into a stronger player and at the same time increased his fitness levels to give him a competitive edge. This added strength and fitness to his technical game, which has opened the doors for a couple of academies who have expressed some initial interest.



          Gary L


Colin is an exemplary football coach and an inspirational presence on the pitch in training and at games.
He is fantastic with the kids, who all look up to him, and has an in depth knowledge of the game at every level that he is able to impart to the team on a level they can understand. Between the four corner posts he is in his element, and all his best virtues shine through for everyone to see. He is a very hard-working and driven individual indeed. Colin is organised, has good communication skills and I have always been impressed with the way he approaches the development of the players he works with.



          Matt S


My son has been attending Coaches first session 6 months now, he has improved immensely. My son is only 4 years of age but has the energy and enthusiasm to play football. Before he started coming to the session he just used to kick the ball without any control and always used to fall over, now my 4 years can control the ball , do numerous of skills, drags backs, kicking the ball and pulling it back. He can also go through cones with control of the ball. With the help of the music in the back ground and the consistency of activities throughout the session it keeps them moving and most important keeps it fun. Love watching him play with a smile on his face. I recommend these sessions to toddler age children as it done on a professional level and in a safe and controlled environment. I am a happy mom with a happy child.



        Sonia  R